Duh: Couch potato teens become fast food adult junkies

Another groundbreaking study from the University of Minnesota. We're so proud. 

The new report says that teens who watch TV more than five hours a day are prone to become fast-food junkies as adults, according to HealthyDay News. U of M researchers say this happens because they are watching too many ads for unhealthy foods. 

Haven't we long known that couch potato children become really sad, fat, unhealthy Americans?

The research was published in the Jan. 30 online edition of the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

More from HealthyDay:
"Television watching impacts diet choices adolescents make five years later," said lead researcher Daheia Barr-Anderson, an assistant professor of kinesiology. 
Barr-Anderson also speculates that eating while watching TV makes children more likely to consume the foods they see advertised. 
For the study, Barr-Anderson and colleagues collected data on 564 middle school students and 1,366 high school students. The team examined survey data on the number of hours the students watched TV each day and what they ate five years later as young adults. 
Five years out, high-school students who had watched more than five hours of TV a day and were now young adults ate less fruit, vegetables, whole grains and calcium-rich foods. Instead, they ate more snack foods, fried foods, fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages and foods containing trans-fats.
How about couch potato bloggers? Are they screwed too? We're craving a fresh serving of McDonald's French fries right now.