Dueling headlines: Strib vs. PiPress

Both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press ran stories today about Minnnesota students' science test score results. The good news: the number students proficient in science is up six percent from last year. The bad news: more than half of test-takers remain deficient in the subject.

But what jumped out at us is the way the dailies chose to frame the test results. If you read just the headlines while sipping coffee this morning, you probably came away with radically different conclusions vis-a-vis our youth's grasp on science.

The Strib:"Minnesota students' science test scores take big jump." (Huzzah!) 

The PiPress: "Minnesota students fall short in science, test scores show." (cue "The Price is Right" fading horn). 

C'mon now. No need to confuse us with us semi-contradictory headlines-- we're evidently baffled by science enough as is. So which headline is more accurate? We're gonna go with the PiPress on this one. Going from 40 to 46 percent is a notable improvement, but calling it a "big jump" is a bit of a stretch.