Dude. Dude! Get Karl-Anthony Towns on your softball team! [VIDEO]

This ball is in deep, deep trouble with Karl-Anthony Towns.

This ball is in deep, deep trouble with Karl-Anthony Towns.

 Face it. Your softball team sucks. 

You hardly know who half of those guys are, and the ones you know don't like you. You're only showing up now to get drunk in the parking lot after games. This makes you sad. 

Don't be sad. All you need is to realize that there is one big thing missing from your team, dude. Its name is Karl-Anthony Towns. 

This past weekend, the Timberwolves' breakout star traveled to Kentucky to hang out at his alma mater -- of sorts; Towns left the University of Kentucky after one year -- and spend time with his old coach, John Calipari.

Coach Cal was holding a celebrity softball game, and a home run derby. And Karl-Anthony Towns was going after the ball like it had said something terribly mean to him.

Later, Towns competed in the home run derby, and, in the final round, came up to bat needing to hit a dinger. He hit it out -- of the field. The whole field. Like, if he were a baseball player, this was a real-deal home run. 



Watching these clips, it's quite likely a few Major League Baseball team general managers woke up with that phrase -- "if he were a baseball player" -- rattling around their heads. 

Towns, for his part, has charitably volunteered his services to one of the worst. 


Worth a shot?