Dubya speaks, Norm barks

MN junior Senator responds to Prez's war ... uh, plan

class=img_thumbleft>Norm Coleman staked his claim on President Bush's latest address to the nation last night, wasting no time in firing off a press release of his own.

"This evening President Bush did what he needed to do," Coleman "said" in a statement that hit e-mail inboxes just 30 minutes after the Prez wrapped his speech. "He offered the American people a candid progress report at a turning point on the path to democracy in the Middle East."

Coleman went on to prove just how much of the president's bluster he's willing to swallow. (Click through to read the whole statement.)

"While hailing historic milestones being made toward self government and freedom in Iraq, the president also acknowledged the setbacks and challenges that have marked this noble mission.

The president's address comes days after millions of Iraqis of all segments of society braved the memory of tyranny and the threat of terrorists to vote to elect their own leaders and together chart a course for the future. He communicated a clear strategy for continuing our important mission, based not on an end date but on a successful outcome, reminding us that 'not only can we win the war in Iraq--we are winning the war in Iraq.'

And we are mindful that this success is based on the courage and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. For their bravery we thank them and pray for their continued safety. I am confident that as progress continues, our priorities will change as we help the Iraqi people take charge of their country."

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