Duane Clark reported baby buried in his backyard to Crystal Police

Police discovered the "majority of bones" of a 30- to 38-week-old baby boy after Duane Clark walked into the Crystal police station earlier this week and reported that there was a baby buried in his backyard.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman held a press conference this afternoon to announce that there is not enough evidence to charge Duane Clark or his wife Tiffany with crimes relating to the death of the baby. The investigation remains ongoing.

The couple's two children, 10 and 7 years old, have been removed from the Clarks' custody. The Clarks are believed to have been abusive to each other in front of their children, according to Crystal Police Chief John Banick.

Chief Banick revealed at a Friday press conference that Duane Clark has been cooperative with the investigation, though neither would comment on whether either parent has made a confession.

The body was discovered following a strange series of events that remain under investigation. Police were called to the Clark home on Tuesday morning, around 11, for a domestic disturbance. That afternoon, Duane Clark went into the station and reported the child buried in his backyard.

Cops dug up the area where Clark claimed the baby was buried and discovered bones. But much remains unknown to police.

Freeman said charges could be "weeks away."

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