Drunken tailgaters rejoice: It's the beer pouch hoodie [Video]

Finally there's a way for drunken slobs to holler, scream and wave their hands madly at a football game without sloshing their suds all over everyone within a 10-yard radius: the beer pouch hoodie.

Just slide your bottled adult beverage into the sleeve sewn in above the hand-warmer pocket and gesticulate to your heart's content. Bonus: Two sleeves sewn onto the back provide ample room for reinforcements.

Alternate uses: Lawn mowing, arguing with the significant other, and keeping your hands free in a drunken brawl. (A logical progression, yes?) But a word of caution: Barf bags are not included.

Of course, this monument to easier beer drinking is a product of beer-soaked Wisconsin.

It's brought into the world by the folks at Brew City Apparel in Milwaukee.

Genius. NBC's Jimmy Fallon has ordered up a version of the sweatshirt emblazoned with his talk show's logo for the NBC gift shop; Disney's selling a version in its German village at Epcot Center.

Here, check out this video:

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