Drunken driving suspect hopes cop's kids die, threatens dog

Drunken driving suspect hopes cop's kids die, threatens dog

Michael Fiebig apparently turned a suspected drunken driving arrest into a much bigger deal on Sunday when he fought with hospital nurses trying to get a blood alcohol sample from him, and then blew his cool with a police officer.

The 49-year-old La Crosse, Wis., man was approached after police said they watched the car he was driving make a sudden turn and hit a snow bank. He refused a breath test and was taken to a local hospital, where things got out of hand.

More from the La Crosse Tribune:

Fiebig turned belligerent, demanding to be taken to Franciscan Skemp, then refusing to sign transfer papers and finally lying on his arms so the staff couldn't draw blood.

Put in restraints, he taunted the nurses, saying he would hunt them down. He told one officer he hoped his children died for Christmas and another that he would kill his dog.

Turns out this was the fifth time he'd been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

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