Drunken bro goes berserk on Uptown-area cabbie, tells officer he has "blue blood" in him

Severson isn't allowed on SA property for a year. Where will he get his breakfast tornados in the meantime?
Severson isn't allowed on SA property for a year. Where will he get his breakfast tornados in the meantime?

Here's an idea for a reality show -- Uptown Bros: Drunk Suburban Men Wild Out in the City. And the story of Andrew C. Severson, a 25-year-old Rosemount resident, would've made for a great first episode.

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According to his Facebook page, Severson headed Downtown last Saturday night to party with friends. After bar close, he found himself at the SuperAmerica off Nicollet Avenue South and 35th Street. It was there that he let his inner bro run wild.

From the Southwest Journal:

Andrew C. Severson, 25, of Rosemount, was cited for trespassing after an incident in the Super America parking lot in which Severson, apparently inebriated, hurled racial insults at a cab driver and refused to pay the man. [Around 2:45 a.m. an] officer witnessed Severson ransacking the taxicab, looking for a lost glove. Severson, according to police, told the driver to learn how to speak English and to go back to his own country. The cab driver told the officer he just wanted Severson out of his vehicle and no longer wanted to collect his fare.

The officer's involvement didn't make Severson any less belligerent, apparently. More from the Journal:

Severson told the officer that his uncle is a sergeant in the Bloomington Police Department and demanded a ride home from the officer. The officer declined, and Severson threatened to file a complaint and said he had good lawyers. The officer gave Severson his badge number. Severson went into the gas station and made telephone calls seeking a ride. Then, he began offering customers $100 for a ride home. He found a willing driver, but before he left Severson began looking into the officer's car and causing a scene in the parking lot. That's when Severson was asked to leave. He refused, and the officer cited Severson for trespassing. He's not allowed at any Super Americas for a year. Severson told the officer he has "blue blood" in him and that the officer wasn't living up to the code of conduct.

$100 for a ride home, eh? Well, I don't have any firm plans this weekend, so maybe I'll head down to SA and keep my eyes peeled for drunken, rideless bros.

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