Drunk Wis. man kidnaps autistic boy for some squirrel chasing

Drunk Wis. man kidnaps autistic boy for some squirrel chasing
Photo by OctopusHat

When we see children wandering around in public alone, we can't help but think they would be a great squirrel-chasing partner. So can you really blame a drunk man for really following through with the idiocy? Well yes, but that's not the point.

La Crosse resident Dale Berger, 61, was convicted Tuesday of causing mental harm after he drunkenly kidnapped a 4-year-old autistic boy and brought him on a squirrel chase before bringing him to a church mission. He could face up to 7.5 years for the crime.

More from the La Crosse Tribune:

According to court documents, Berger was drunk the morning of June 9 when he came upon the boy, who had wandered from his Fourth Street yard while on a "time out." About 90 minutes later, police got a call from St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral's Front Door Ministry, saying Berger had shown up with the child in tow.

Berger told police he tried to teach the boy how traffic signals work and took him to Cameron Park, where the boy chased squirrels. They then went to the post office to see if Berger's VA benefits check had arrived.

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