Drunk in public? Leave your gun at home


That permit you have to carry a concealed weapon? It doesn't count if you're drunk in public. That even includes the bar you own in town, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

James J. Gradishar was working at the Duluth bar he owned when he started talking to an off-duty officer. He told the officer he had a legally concealed gun and also had been drinking that day. Gradishar allegedly had a alcohol reading of 0.15 percent and was then cited for having a gun while drunk in a public place.

The three-judge panel for the appeal had to decide if the man's bar was a public place. Gradishar argued it was his own private business and he had a right to have a gun there just like he does at home.

Not so, said the judges. Since the public has access to the establishment, it's a public place and therefore he can't carry his gun there while drunk.

Be careful where you drink and carry, folks.