Drunk Driving Suspect Kong Vue Had An Interesting Version of the Alphabet for Police

"A, B, C ... I'll guna kill all yall"

"A, B, C ... I'll guna kill all yall"

A police officer responding to a car crash in downtown La Crosse early Sunday morning found Kong Vue blocking a busy roadway in a smashed up car with its lights off.

Under those circumstances the officer began giving Vue field sobriety tests, which he failed in spectacular fashion.

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After failing the eye test and walk and turn test, Kong was asked to recite the alphabet. He made it almost halfway before threatening to kill the officer.

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, G, K,.. I'm guna [sic] kill all yall," Kong said, according to the police report.

Kong ended up registering a .188 on the breathalyzer test and was booked for his fourth OWI.

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