Drunk driving in Wisconsin? Turn yourself in at voluntary sobriety checkpoint

So you've had a little too many, but you live in Wisconsin so you jump in your car to drive home anyway. Heck, you're a daredevil with nothing better to get your adrenaline pumping. You just might pass a voluntary sobriety checkpoint along that road where cops actually trust you to turn yourself in. We dare you to get in the line and see if you can fool the cops. Seriously.

Motorists would drive up to a checkpoint and have the option to pull into the right lane for the sobriety test or keep driving in the left lane. We're imagining more sober people pulling over just for the fun of trying out a sobriety test. What a good use of a police force. Each checkpoint would require a minimum of seven officers.

Unless you are this lady. She called 911 while drunk driving last month to report herself.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says they've never heard of such a thing. Probably because drunk drivers get on the road convinced they won't get caught. Why would they actively choose to risk it with a DWI? These folks aren't good enough to have a conscience.

More from the Appleton Post-Crescent:

Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson said the voluntary checkpoints would be the first in Wisconsin and could be in place by the New Year's holiday.

He said the aim of the program is not necessarily to see how many drunken drivers police can intercept. Rather, it is to send a message to motorists that Neenah is a risky place to drive drunk.

"I want them to think they are likely to get caught in Neenah," Wilkinson said.

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