Drunk daycare provider arrested after toddler is found wandering on busy highway

A daycare in Sandstone, Minnesota, has been shut down after one of the children being watched there was found wandering nearby on a busy highway yesterday afternoon.

:::: UPDATE :::: Drunk daycare provider was "drinking because she was having a bad day," charges say

To add outrageousness to incompetence, police say the provider was drunk when officers arrived on the scene to try to figure out how the two-year-old ended up in such a dangerous spot.

Police released a call from a woman around 3:30 p.m. yesterday reporting that a child was walking on Highway 23.

"Responding deputies found the girl in the arms of a woman who had seen the girl walking on the highway," the Duluth News Tribune writes. "The woman saw at least one vehicle swerve around the child," then ran to the girl and carried her off the road.

Officers initially weren't sure how the toddler got onto the highway, but they soon realized there was a daycare about a block away. When they arrived there, they observed that a  fence used to contain the approximately 10 children there in the play area was open, making it possible for children to simply wander onto the road.

A KSTP report fills in some details from there.

The daycare provider told deputies that the child went missing, according to authorities. Deputies noticed alleged indications of intoxication, and performed a sobriety test.

She was "well over" the legal limit, said Chief Deputy Steve Blackwell of the Pine County Sheriff's Office. He did not elaborate on her test results.

The daycare was immediately closed and all children were sent home.

The provider was arrested, and charges are expected tomorrow, so check back then for an update, including, hopefully, her mugshot and the name of the daycare (neither have been released yet, though the daycare is reportedly located near Highway 23 and Ash Street).

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