Drunk, belligerent woman removed from flight diverted to MSP [VIDEOS]

This woman's bad behavior forced a pilot to make an unplanned pit stop at MSP.

This woman's bad behavior forced a pilot to make an unplanned pit stop at MSP.

A Friday night Baltimore-to-Salt Lake City flight was diverted to MSP so authorities could remove a drunken, belligerent woman who was threatening to "f**king kill" another passenger who rejected her sexual advances.

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A woman named Luz Dinorah Padró filmed the mayhem with her phone camera from inside the plane and later uploaded footage to YouTube. According to her account of events, the woman made a pass at another passenger "after having a few drinks."

Rebuffed, the woman later "raised her first in trying to hit him," Padró wrote on YouTube.

Padró's first clip shows the woman screaming and issuing barely intelligible profanity-laden threats:

A second shows the woman, now calmed down, being escorted off the plane by authorities:

Reached for comment this morning, MSP spokesman Patrick Hogan said he doesn't know the woman's name (Update -- she's been identified as 34-year-old Portland resident Brandi Kristine Poulsen) and isn't sure whether the TSA or FBI has charged her with any crimes. A voicemail left with MSP police seeking more information wasn't immediately returned.

Hogan said his understanding of what went down is essentially the same as what Padró wrote on YouTube, but added that the woman laid her hands on other passengers, "grabbing at" them.

Asked how often incidents of this sort occur, Hogan said, "It's pretty rare, but it does happen."

"There are a lot of people who drink when they fly and for some people that can lead to problems," Hogan told us. "But there are about 100,000 people who pass through MSP every day and it's very seldom we have a flight diverted."

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