Drugged Lakeville woman allegedly beat husband's new girlfriend with baseball bat

Beatriz Fernandez
Beatriz Fernandez

Lakeville resident Beatriz Fernandez faces two counts of second-degree assault for allegedly drunkenly teeing off on her husband's new girlfriend's head with an aluminum baseball bat along County Road 42 in Dakota County last Wednesday.

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Fernandez, 37, was upset that her husband was in a new relationship just six weeks after leaving her. (They're still legally married.) Her husband, referring to himself and his new girlfriend, told police after the incident that Fernandez previously vowed to "fuck them up."

The incident began when the victim noticed a vehicle approaching her from behind as she drove along County Road 42 last Wednesday with her beau in the passenger's seat. The vehicle rammed the victim's car from behind numerous times and eventually caused it to spin to a stop in Hastings.

The Star Tribune, citing the criminal complaint, tells the story from there:

Both drivers got out of their vehicles, and Fernandez started striking the woman in the head "two to three times with a bat with full-out swings" while the victim was on the ground...

Police caught up with Fernandez in her vehicle at the intersection of County Road 42 and 10th Avenue in Burnsville. An officer saw an open wine bottle on the passenger floor and numerous pill bottles in the vehicle. Fernandez told police she had taken [about 20] sleeping and pain pills.

KARE reports that Fernandez was rushed to the hospital for treatment before she was booked into jail. As of this afternoon she was still in custody in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Fernandez's husband's new girlfriend, meanwhile, suffered a fractured skull, but was able to talk to officers following the incident. According to KARE, the victim told officers Fernandez trapped her in her vehicle in such a way that her boyfriend couldn't stop the beatdown from occurring.

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