Drudge rips on Minnesota again for our snow issues

Sometimes we have too little snow and sometimes we have too much. Apparently Drudge thinks that is absolutely hilarious. 

In his latest rip on Minnesota weather, Drudge Report posted a link to a story with the following headline: Minnesota sled dog race canceled -- because of too much snow...

Yes, it is possible to have both, in the same state, at the same time. Minnesota is kind of crazy like that. But it makes us better people, we swear.

Drudge isn't the only national site ripping on our snow problems...

USA Today also linked to a story about the cancelled dog sled race.

Here are the details, from the Bemidji Pioneer:

The dogsled race near Frazee, Minn., has been canceled because there's too much snow. 
Too much fluffy snow that keeps drifting and therefore made it impossible to maintain a groomed trail. 
That poses a safety risk to the dogs, supercharged canines whose mushers need a groomed trail to drop a hook to stop when necessary.
The Frazee area has received about 3 feet of snow, but winds are creating drifts of at least 4 feet on the course. About 2,000 to 3,000 spectators attended the event last year.