Drudge: Minnesota wants money to make more snow?

Drudge: Minnesota wants money to make more snow?

A small tidbit in a recent

Star Tribune story

is probably a total knee slapper for people who don't live in a snowy state. Drudge doesn't resist the chance to make fun of Duluth... again. 

The U.S. Conference of Mayors recently gave Congress a list of more than 11,000 projects to create jobs in the United States. The list included $6 million for snowmaking and maintenance facilities at Spirit Mountain.

The request quickly made it near the top of

Drudge Report

: Stimulus: $6 million to make snow -- in Minnesota... 

More from the Star Tribune:

The U.S. Conference of Mayors recently gave Congress a list of 11,391 projects worth more than $73 billion, which could potentially create 847,641 jobs over the next two years. The wish list includes nearly 300 Minnesota projects worth about $805 million. Included is $1.3 million to rehab the 10th Avenue tunnel in Minneapolis, which was built before 1950. St. Paul is looking for $9 million for a "green learning" renovation at the Arlington Library and Recreation Center. 

More than half of the request for Minnesota cities -- some $413 million -- is slated for projects in Duluth, in a district represented by Minnesota Democrat Jim Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Oberstar is expected to have a large say in shaping the public works investments in the final stimulus package. He has recommended an "earmark-free" system that relies on federal aid formulas. That would direct just $208 million for Minnesota roads and bridges.

The Duluth News Tribune was quick to point out that Drudge seems to have a thing against Duluth, but this poke isn't so bad as the others. 

This would make at least the third time over the last two years that Duluth/Superior has made Drudge, with stories on a pot plant growing at a police station, an accused criminal defecating in a courtroom, and a guy having sex with a dead deer previously getting linked. So, in the grand scheme of things, this one isn't so bad.

DNT says they reported on these requests last month, but didn't even mention this snow making request. The reason? People near ski resorts don't think twice about the idea of paying money to make snow. Winter temps can often come much sooner than measurable snow that allows the resorts to open and start making money. 

But $6 million? To make something we get for free? Sorry Duluth, it still sounds a little silly. Especially during the 8th snowiest December of all time.

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