Drought conditions spreading through the state

The weather around these parts has been pretty agreeable as of late: temps in the 70s, seemingly perpetual sunshine, a paucity of thunderstorms/tornadoes/floods/what-have-you.

Just one potential problem. From the AP:

Updated data from the National Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday show that nearly all the southern half of Minnesota is rated abnormally dry or worse. And the portion of the state in moderate or severe drought is expanding, particularly around the Twin Cities area and part of southeastern Minnesota.

Forty-six percent of Minnesota is now rated abnormally dry or worse, up from 32 percent last week, while 11 percent is in drought and 2 percent is in severe drought.

Who cares, right? From the Minnesota DNR:

Water-dependent industries including agriculture, public utilities, forestry, and tourism are profoundly affected. Although droughts are not as sudden as floods, the economic aspects of droughts can be just as significant.

We're not rain-dancing quite yet, but get back to us in six weeks.