Drone footage set to Atmosphere is a very Minneapolis video [VIDEO]


We might think of drone operators as renegades, living just on the edge of the law, or in its absence, soaring quietly out of the view of authority and society. 

But this wholesome video tour of Minneapolis could probably get unanimous approval by the City Council. 

Produced by one Tyler Mason for the website AirVuz, it's an aerial video album featuring about half the famous areas and images of the city: There's the Spoonbridge and Cherry statue; there's trees and a lake; there's the Gold Medal Flour sign; all three recently built city sports stadiums make an appearance. 

The difference is, you haven't seen them — or any of the city — like this unless you regularly fly a helicopter or are a superhero. 

To cap off the local love, the whole thing is set to Atmosphere's "Say Shh," the closing, Minneapolis-hugging song off his album Seven's Travels

That whole song is about keeping Midwestern cities like Minneapolis a secret: Brag too much, and we'll be overrun by the self-important jerkfaces who populate the coasts. ("If the people laugh and giggle when you tell em where you live/Say sh, say shh.") This video functions as an advertisement for life here, meaning our little private paradise might soon be lost.

Solution: Share this with people who live here, but try to hide it from those who don't. We don't need the whole world knowing how pretty we look from above.