"Drink Like an Indian" Facebook bar promo spiked

Station 280's public relations.

Station 280's public relations.

"Drink like an Indian. Party like a Pilgrim." There's a Thanksgiving promotion guaranteed to draw the public's attention.

Not, though, the kind attention that Station 280 on Como Avenue was hoping for when it posted the drink promotion on its Facebook page: Dozens of outraged voice mails and an extra helping of online scorn.


The flier in question depicted a drunken cowboy and Indian, as well as a buxom hottie in fake Indian attire; another exercise in tone-deaf negative stereotyping. Not sure about the cowboy-Pilgrim reference? Maybe they were trying to channel The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Reactions ranged from the outraged:

What, "Piss On An Indian Like A Minneapolis Cop" too risque for you guys? Holy crap. It's 2010. Wake the fuck up.

To the the OMG, God's on the side of capitalist racial stereotyping!


omg!! they meant no harm so get over it. I swear to the lord people are turning this country into communism. geez i wonder how many people r going to try and sue you for making an innocent mistake.

Station 280's marketing manager, Jessica Nordin, told the Pioneer Press the promo was approved before she started with the bar a few weeks ago. But she said the experience was a wake-up call to Indian sensitivities about being the victims of a continent-wide genocide, the "thanks" they received for rescuing the first Pilgrims from certain starvation:

"It put some things into perspective about history," Nordin said. "I've gotten a couple of comments that (American Indians) were already stung by the holiday in the first place, and we made it worse. I guess I didn't realize that perspective would come out of the flier."

And why would you want anyone to party like a Pilgrim anyway? You want a bunch of religious fanatics with British accents scolding you while you tie one on? That doesn't seem like a good business plan.

The flier was yanked from the Facebook page. Here it is, followed by a screenshot of Station 280's Facebook page.