Downsize the Army NASCAR sponsorship: Comment Of The Day

Rep. Betty McCollum isn't backing off her efforts to defund the U.S. Army's NASCAR sponsorship.

Booyah, says commenter commonsensebroad.

"If some business wants to waste their money "sponsoring" some sports thing, that's their problem - they have to answer to their shareholders. But this is a government entity doing the 'sponsoring."

If sports can't get by on their own - without all the tax breaks, "sponsorship" and everything else the government hands them - then they should start downsizing. Cut some of the high wages, eliminate some positions, start living within their means. Just like any other business. That includes every professional sport - football, baseball, soccer, golf, basketball, tennis, I don't care what. If you need a new stadium, figure out how to work it into you budget, or make do with what you've got, just like the rest of us.

Should the Army be sponsoring NASCAR? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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