Download our new, improved (and awesome) City Pages app!

Download our new, improved (and awesome) City Pages app!

Like to stay informed with up-to-the-minute coverage on what's what in the Twin Cities, from the latest in sports to new legislation? We've got a shiny, new app just for you.

We're rolling out our new City Pages app with a ton of new features to make it easier for you to stay in the loop on the happenings in the Twin Cities from news and music to arts and dining.

Get the new app! Here are a few of the awesome features:

  • Event listings and concert calendars searchable by date, artist, neighborhood, venue or genre
  • Restaurant listings searchable by cuisine type and neighborhood
  • Access to daily blogs for updates on local news, politics, music, food and arts
  • Editors' picks of the best things to do and reviews from our writers
  • Slideshows of local nightlife, concerts and events
  • Access to Voice Daily Deals spotlighting terrific deals from local events and merchants

Don't forget to download!

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