Douglas Israelson charged with 11th drunk driving offense


After 10 convictions, Douglas Israelson has served jail time and paid fines... only to get his license back.

Douglas Keith Israelson of Superior, Wisconsin keeps on getting arrested for drunk driving.

On May 29, the 57-year-old blew past a cop doing 40 mph in a 25 mph zone, according to the criminal complaint against him. The officer pulled Israelson over, and soon caught a whiff of booze wafting through the driver's side window. The car was littered with empty beer cans and stocked with two unopened 12-packs. 

Israelson is being charged with his 11th offense for operating while intoxicated. Wisconsin considers the fourth offense within five years a felony. The maximum penalty for a 10th or greater offense is a $25,000 fine, 12.5 years in jail, and the loss of driving privileges for three years. 

Israelson also refused to take field sobriety tests, according to the complaint. Those are mandatory in Wisconsin if you've been arrested by a cop with good reason to believe you're driving drunk — such as empty beer cans in the car. The penalty for refusing is license revocation. 

But even with a rap sheet running 10 convictions long, Israelson was apparently still allowed to drive among other people at the time of his arrest, just as long as he didn't get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content greater than 0.02. 

Even now, Israelson is allowed to drive about. He hasn't been convicted of the 11th charge, and he just got out of jail on a $3,000 bond. 

Wisconsin Department of Transportation statistics show that if Israelson is found guilty, he'll be in the top 0.01 percentile of drivers who have ever been convicted for driving drunk. As of 2013, the greatest number of convictions any Wisconsin driver has managed to rack up is 16. 

Israelson's next court appearance is June 22 in Douglas County Court. 

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