Don't worry, these frightened NRA members will save Minnesota from Shariah Law

The Minnesota Capitol is bracing for a big day... but not Shariah Law. No need to brace for that just yet.

The Minnesota Capitol is bracing for a big day... but not Shariah Law. No need to brace for that just yet.

 The panic you weren't even aware is gripping Minnesota will last another week, but will pass after that.

Do not be afraid. Some guy called Scott Presler is coming up here from Virginia to chase away Shariah Law before it takes root.

From the sounds of it, he and his posse are prepared pull out their guns and shoot Shariah dead. Bang!  

The Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul is the staging grounds for a June 10 "March Against Sharia" rally, one of dozens across the country organized by ACT for America. ACT is a rabidly anti-Muslim group that describes itself as "the only national security grassroots organization in America."

If that sounds kind of like a creepy, nationalistic militia, wait 'til they get goin' about being the "NRA of national security."

With a vaguely state purpose of learning to "recognize and help prevent criminal activity and terrorism in the United States," ACT claims to have 525,000 members nationwide. Each dreams about the moment when he shoots and kills a terrorist in the act and saves the Statue of Liberty, who will undoubtedly be impressed by both the ACT member's marksmanship and the erection this fantasy gives him. 

ACT's massive nationwide reach helps explain why so very many people will be at its anti-Shariah hullabaloo in St. Paul. Already, FORTY-SIX (46) people have said they are "going" on the Facebook event, and another 89 clicked "Interested." 

Among those brave 46 attendees is the aforementioned Scott Presler, a gun-loving, red hat-wearing Donald Trump voter who's worked with Tea Party groups and the Republican Party in Virginia. According to a recent profile, Presler "came out" -- as both gay, and a Trump fan -- last June, soon after an attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando left 49 people dead.

Presler's pride and his gun love go hand-in-hand: "I believe that armed gays don't get bashed."

Asked in that same profile about Trump's suggestion that (insanely anti-gay) Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons, or about the (also insanely anti-gay) Mike Pence, Presler said he "wanted to focus on other issues," and "needed to do some more research." Can't wait to hear what sort of speech he gives.

Predictably, the "discussion" page for this Facebook event is pretty weird, and more than a little threatening. One guy suggests everyone going take a "use of force class PRIOR to this event," adding: "Odds are there will be violence." (Sounds fun.)

Adds another guy:

"Patriots do not be scared of this so-called counter-protesters they're just thugs who will protest anything we are standing up against gays being thrown off buildings honor killings and female genital mutilation we will have security at our event and any violent protesters will be dealt with appropriately along news has come out that at a earlier rally at the Capitol people have been indicted for inciting violence there along with the Berkeley bike lock attacker has now officially been charged these people who bring violence to our Capitol steps will be charged with and they will go to jail do not be scared

Right on, brother. We'd follow that patriot to the end of the earth, if only to finally learn how that sentence ends.

These cowboys won't be alone at the Capitol. Liberal protest groups like the local Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) call ACT a "racist hate group," and are staging a counter-rally of "showing support for our Muslim neighbors and opposing anti-Muslim bigotry." They want to "outnumber" and "drown out racists," and almost certainly will: A couple hundred people have said they're "going," and more than 1,000 are "interested."

The one group not represented in this rally/counter-rally thing? The folks who are actually trying to bring Shariah Law to Minnesota. Maybe the "NRA of national security" is so effective, they scared off those people before they even existed. Let's hope their ability to "recognize" and "help prevent terrorism" extends to the guys on their side.