Don't worry, folks. Favre just bent a fingernail


Everyone take a deep breath. Brett Favre's pained look in the fourth quarter Sunday was only because he is dramatic. His throwing hand isn't injured; he just bent a fingernail. Now's the time to shed a tear, if you can bear it.

Favre was hit by two defenders in the last quarter during a pass to Percy Harvin. Apparently the fingernail injury was enough to pull him from the game for the remaining game time.

More from KARE11:

Coach Brad Childress said Monday that Favre bent a fingernail, and he's fine.

Favre has started 271 straight regular season games, believed to be an NFL record. He is also nine games behind Jim Marshall's record for a non-kicker of 282 consecutive regular season games played.

When can this man's every pain or incidence of whining not be of concern to the entire state?