Don't watch this clip of a guy slipping on icy stairs [VIDEO]

A combination of surprise, pain, and shame that any humbled Minnesotan can relate to.

A combination of surprise, pain, and shame that any humbled Minnesotan can relate to.

The internet's a cold place, compassion well-nigh absent from it.

It's a little like winter in Minnesota.

Combine the two cruel forces, and you're left with a landscape so unforgiving it makes the soul shiver.

But! Just in case you've given up on having a soul, we invite you to watch this GIF of a guy going woopwoopwoopBAM on some slippery stairs at the very end of last year. (Note the timestamp of the home surveillance video: This happened about four hours before midnight last New Year's Eve. Let's hope 2016 was this guy's kind of year.)

While we don't know if this happened in Minnesota -- for some reason, no one has leapt forward to claim credit for this moment -- the short, painful clip captures a quintessentially Minnesotan moment. 

That explains why it showed up on a Reddit discussion of life in Minnesota, and has inspired responses that range from concern for the fellow's well-being -- "Bye bye, tailbone" -- to receiving it as a lesson for us all. Says one writer:

This is one of the advantages of Minnesota rich or poor you are gonna slip on the ice occasionally and fall flat on your ass. Helps keep people humble in my opinion.

Another says he or she spends time in a ritzy, under-shoveled area of Minneapolis, and gives tips on how best to handle this moment in public.

Walking a dog during winter in Kenwood where nobody shovels a goddamned thing I used to do this shit twice a fucking week. Often with in-car audiences at intersections. They'd either laugh or look really concerned if the dog went down too.
If not on iced stairs we all can tuck and roll or do the "JESUS FUCK AH FUCK ME" shimmy to regain...
The humble guy is dead right though- Nobody is safe.

 The simplest comment is also the most evocative, particularly on a grey and rainy morning on the eve of October. A commenter who (which?) goes by the name "Minnesota_Winter" writes only: