Don't mess with Vivian: 95-year-old reunited with her necklace

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

95-year-old woman reunited with her snatched heirloom necklace
When a man allegedly snatched the necklace off a 95-year-old St. Paul woman, he probably didn't realize he was messing with the wrong lady. Vivian Clausen is known as the neighborhood watchdog on Rice Street and was devastated when a thief took her heirloom necklace given to her 60 years ago by her husband. Police have since arrested and charged a suspect in the case and returned the necklace to her.

81-year-old man hit, killed by school bus
UPDATE: MPR is reporting that the man has died. Just one week and one block away from the deadly bike-truck accident on Park Avenue near downtown Minneapolis, an 81-year-old man was struck by a school bus and is in critical condition. The bus took a left-hand turn onto Park Avenue off of E. 15th Street Tuesday and hit the victim who had a walk sign and was in the crosswalk.

Man charged in crash that killed four, injured two
The Memorial Day weekend crash that contributed to one of the deadliest weekends since 1996 has now led to at least one charge in the crash that killed four people and seriously injured two. The 25-year-old Winona man faces 24 felony counts in the crash where he claims he fell asleep at the wheel and went through a stop sign, crashing into the side of a minivan. He said he was drinking before the crash.

Only 20 percent of 2009 college grads have a job
Sometimes graduating from college isn't such a relief. This year's graduates are facing a pretty depressing outlook and very few jobs available. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that only 19.7 percent of graduates who applied for a job are employed. Compare that to 26 percent in 2008 and 51 percent in 2007. Ouch. But it could be too soon to see the real outcome. We were told to expect a six-month job search after college.

Minneapolis Wi-Fi in final stages for residents, still pissing people off
After three years of plans and setbacks and all-around frustration, USI Wireless claims to be almost done with their residential services. If you check out the comments section on the story, there still appear to be some really pissed off customers. Was this just too much ambition on the city's part and a lot of wasted money?

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