Don't Let Them Eat Cake

IF YOU RUN a nursing home in the Twin Cities, things must be looking pretty desperate. Notorious for low wages, tough working conditions, and short-shifting, the industry has long been ripe for union activity. In the past year, the Service Employees International Union has stepped up to the plate and swept through nine local nursing homes, winning with overwhelming union support.

But winning elections isn't enough, it seems. Take the union's last victory at Ebenezer Social Ministries. Despite a 70-30 vote by employees to join the SEIU, Ebenezer filed a lengthy complaint with the National Labor Relations Board--a common anti-union stalling tactic. Every one of the 23 complaints--including that the SEIU handed out T-shirts and cake, and threw a party after the election--was overruled by the NLRB. Ebenezer plans to appeal the decision, say union officials.

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