Don't Google me! North Oaks, MN joins Russia and Nato in forcing action from the internet behemoth

The residents of North Oaks, MN have successfully lobbied to have Google Maps remove images of their homes from the recently launched Google Street View feature. Turns out the good people of North Oaks (there are 4,500 of them) own their own roads and so that buggy looking Google-car committed the high-crime of trespassing when it trolled the quiet streets of North Oaks grabbing photos every which way.

From the Star Tribune article:

The North Oaks City Council sent a letter to Google in January asking the company to remove the images and destroy the files or possibly be cited for violating the city's trespassing ordinance.Google spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo said the images of North Oaks were removed shortly afterward. She didn't know of any other city in the country that has made a similar request.

In a way, this puts North Oaks in the company of giants. Check out these pioneers in the field of Google-removal:

Nato (Geilenkirchen Air Base)

The Dutch Royal Family (Residence)

The Russian Government (Some kind of something near the little town of Egvekinot)

Oh, and William Hurt's house.

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