Donovan McNabb says Favre took pity on him when he was traded to Minnesota

Do they dislike our skyline, or what?
Do they dislike our skyline, or what?

-- Brett Favre on ill-fated 2010 comeback: "The money was too good"
-- Donovan McNabb: I should "absolutely" still be starting quarterback

Minnesota fans dislike Donovan McNabb, and how can you blame them? McNabb was gawdawful during his short-n-bitter stint with the Vikes last season.

Apparently, McNabb is no fan of Minnesota either. But it's not that he has a problem with Prince, Polica, Lake Calhoun, or Daily Queen (in fact, he probably enjoys DQ), but rather that the 2011 Vikings team he was asked to quarterback kinda sucked, in his opinion.

McNabb, now working for NFL Network, guested on Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel's NFL podcast yesterday. Here's what he said when asked about what, if anything, Brett Favre said to him after McNabb was traded to the Vikes before last season (emphasis mine):

"He (Favre) said, 'I felt bad that you went over there' and I kind of understood where he was going, what he meant. You know, I asked him why, because they went to the NFC Championship two years prior to when I got there. And he felt like they gave all that they had in order to achieve everything that they achieved. Now, they had some breaks. They had some lucky breaks. Some of the passes Brett threw, just a tipped ball went for a touchdown, they beat Dallas after Dallas had beat us in Philly twice. Then all of the sudden they get to the NFC Championship, and if Brett doesn't throw that pass, it's a whole new different dilemma now. Because when he came back that next year they offered him another 4 million dollars. The team that arrived on, and I think that fans in Minnesota and people all around the world, view that as the team they had two years before. And if you look at that next year, it was the same ball club that Brett was playing with, but the talent wasn't where it was before."

McNabb's comments echo accountability-dodging statements he made after being benched last year. "If you look at the thing I was doing, I mean, statistically, I wasn't playing bad," the now-out-of-the-NFL QB said at the time. Not playing bad? Well then Vikes fans must've just been having bad dreams when he threw for a ghastly 39 yards in the season opening game, captained anemic offenses during back-to-back second-half meltdowns the next two weeks, and when he curled up in the fetal position for a safety during his last start against Chicago.

Then again, McNabb's comments come just weeks after Favre said he only came back to Minneapolis for the 2010 season become he was paid so obscenely to do so. Maybe the big spoon and bike rides on the Greenway aren't as enticing as we'd like to believe?

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