Donovan McNabb, lingerie football enthusiast [VIDEO]

Donovan McNabb: Former Vikings QB, current fan of ladies in their panties.
Donovan McNabb: Former Vikings QB, current fan of ladies in their panties.

Donovan McNabb has lost the starting job for the Minnesota Vikings. But, in no small consolation, McNabb may have found a new hobby.

Apparently, on Friday night, McNabb took in the sights and sounds and satin of the Lingerie Football League, watching as the Minnesota Valkyrie took on the Los Angeles Temptation. McNabb's foray was highlighted on ESPN's broadcast of the game, and has now been captured and uploaded to Youtube for posterity.

Anyone who's followed the career of the Vikings' wayward thrower knows he's long been a fan of Hugh Hefner's parties, and the ladies therein. But what, we wonder, drew McNabb to lingerie football? Perhaps he was looking for pointers on how to get that hitch out of his throwing motion.

Or maybe he was just looking, you know?

McNabb's fandom was uploaded by Busted Coverage, a fine website for thoughts on football and cleavage. BC made note of how thrilled announcer Sean Salisbury is about McNabb's attendance, and existence.

But what City Pages is taking away from this clip is just how happy McNabb looks. Sure, the guy's pretty upbeat in general, but we didn't notice him smiling like that during the Vikings' shellacking by the Chicago Bears on Sunday -- which, come to think of it, was only about 36 hours after this underwear thing.

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