Donna the Deer Lady seriously believes deer crossing signs are like crosswalks for deer [AUDIO]

This crosswalk is not for you, Ms. Deer.
This crosswalk is not for you, Ms. Deer.

Ever have one of those moments where you just feel kinda stupid? Next time it happens, relisten to Donna the Deer Lady's rant and you'll feel smarter in a jiffy.

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Donna recently called Fargo's Y94 FM to rant about something that's been on her mind in the wake of three deer-related car wrecks -- those damn deer crosswalks (i.e., deer crossing signs) that seem to route deer onto busy roads. And from the sounds of it, she was serious.

Here's how Donna's rant began:

Donna: Over the past few years, I've been involved in three separate car accidents involving deer. Each of these accidents, they've occurred shortly after I've seen a deer crossing sign on the highway. My frustration is that Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas. I mean, I've even seen them on the interstate. Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate? I don't get it.

Host: Are you kidding?

Believe it or not, the answer to that question seems to be no. Here's the audio -- judge for yourself:

Either it's a bit or North Dakota really needs to start funneling some of that oil revenue into its school system.

-- Hat-tip: BringMeTheNews --

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