Dong-shaped snowstorm will give Minnesota the shaft [PHOTO]

This snowstorm dong is going to run right through Minnesota.

This snowstorm dong is going to run right through Minnesota.

Oh, how we laughed.

Last month City Pages brought you the story of a perfectly decent drawing of a dick in the snow of Loring Park in Minneapolis. All in good cheer, we thought then.

Sure, it was a little chilly in early January, but no one worried. This -- until we're absorbed by Canada -- is still Minnesota and besides, this winter's been unusually mild. The rest of that month, and in early February, the daily high temperature often rose above freezing; and last weekend was so unseasonably warm, people stripped down to their shirts and dined outdoors on patios.

What fools. For, by drawing the snow dick, we in the Twin Cities apparently summoned the snow-dick-storm of the year.

The imminent arrival of a phallic-shaped snow event was predicted by the National Weather Service radar (and noticed by a City Pages tipster) on Wednesday. The weather system runs through parts of the Dakotas and northern Wisconsin; the tip appears to be resting in Lake Superior, which sounds like really cold. 

Minnesota is getting the shaft. 

According to the lastest forecast from the NWS, south central Minnesota, including Mankato, should prepare to see a foot or more of snow.

The Twin Cities metro is expected to get somewhere between four and eight inches. Snow's expected to "spread into the area between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m." starting Thursday night.

Up to eight inches, and lasting as long as four hours? Is this a winter storm watch or a Grindr profile?

With a radar image like this, it's hard to tell.

P.S. Snow dong, you should get that spot in Redwood and Brown counties looked at by a doctor. Did you catch that from South Dakota?