Donessa Davis sues woman who glued his penis


It was the epic act of lover's revenge when Therese Ziemann glued her philandering Wisconsin boyfriend's penis to his abdomen.

But now Donessa Davis wants his own revenge. He's filed a lawsuit against Ziemann, claiming she should pay for the cost of getting his penis unstuck, as well as for causing a variety of ailments including "loss of enjoyment of life."

Davis found himself stuck when his wife figured out last year that he'd been cheating on her with three different women: Ziemann, Wendy Sewell and Michelle Belliveau. So Tracy Hood-Davis plotted her husband's downfall with all the scorned women.

The escapade went off as planned. Ziemann lured the man to a Stockbridge hotel, cut off his underwear, bound him and texted Belliveau and Sewell to join her. Together they gave him a hotel tryst he'll never forget.

But while they may have relished the revenge, there was a downside. Ziemann, Sewell and Belliveau were prosecuted for their efforts -- interestingly by the same DA now in hot water for sexting the girlfriend of a guy he was prosecuting.

What's all that pain and humiliation worth to Davis? Only $5,000 evidently. A judge will decide whether the lawsuit has merit in October.

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