Donald Trump's diplomacy with Somalia is this hat


Just look at the looks on these guys' faces.

These are serious, respectable, competent people. That's Stephen Schwartz on the left, a veteran American diplomat who's been posted in some of the thorniest places for United States foreign policy: Ethiopia, Cuba, and, since last summer, Somalia. 

Schwartz was named America's first ambassador to that country in a quarter century; his appointment was a sign of renewed faith in that war-ravaged country's fragile government.

And on the right, that's Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, newly elected Somali president. Mohamed actually worked as a staffer in the Somali embassy in Washington, D.C. back in the 1980s. Sensing the conflict in his home country wasn't going away, he applied for and was granted asylym.

Mohamed, nicknamed "Farmajo," spent two decades learning and working in America, eventually as a civil servant for the transportation department in New York. Now he's a president. Stories like his are why we try to be kind to refugees instead of turning them away -- or driving them out, across frozen stretches of American prairie, and into Canada

And there, in Mohamed's hand, is a specially made hat that says "Make Somalia Great Again." Schwartz gave it to him some time during a "productive meeting" with the new leader on Thursday. 

Where do you think Schwartz got the idea to give Mohamed this hat? Do you think the hat made the meeting more "productive," or less? Who do you suppose it was who said the hugely qualified diplomat and the country's new leader should stand there like a couple of morons, posing with this hat ... and then tweet it?



Couldn't be the same guy who, the very same day this photo was taken, rambled about Hillary Clinton giving Russia a "stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks." Could it?

Schwartz and Mohamed have their work cut out for them: Al-Shabaab militants have said they'll target his supporters, and today, a huge bomb in Mogadishu killed at least 18 people and wounded dozens more.

Send hats.