Donald Trump will win Minnesota by stopping by the airport today


Donald Trump knows how to make things easy for him.

He expects people, business deals, even entire systems of government to cower at the mere mention of the name Donald Trump and to bend toward his will.

If something he desires cannot be wooed right away, he'll just try grabbing it. Maybe that move works.

This expectation of ease is also on display in Trump's presidential campaign, or, the rough approximation of a campaign he's running. Trump never bothered hiring people to help him win or, say, stopped to make friends with any Republicans who might campaign for him. He's trying to win using television and his fabulous tweets.

Today, finally, the circus comes to town. For the first time since the campaign started, Donald Trump will hold a public rally in the Twin Cities. 

Evidently, he thinks he can erase Hillary Clinton's (between 6 and 10 percent) lead and Minnesota's 45-year streak of voting for Democrats... without leaving the airport.

Tickets are available for Trump's 2:00 p.m. rally at the historic and patriotic Sun Country Airlines hangar. As any political historian will tell you, the path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue always leads through 2005 Cargo Road.

We'll watch to see if Trump decides to localize his speech to seed it with some Minnesota flavor. So far, all we know Trump knows about this state is that its health insurance premiums are going up -- great insight, Don -- and, back in August, that it's having "tremendous problems." 

As of about 11 o'clock this morning, when the gates open for Trump's in-and-out campaign stop, we're going to be having "tremendous problems" in terms of traffic on the south side of the metro. Sorry, if anyone's got to get to (or anywhere near) the airport, but Donald Trump's gotta spend an hour winning a state today. 

Click here to get tickets for Trump's speech... or click here for a list of restaurants that will give you a good deal on a burger and a beer on Sundays.

UPDATE: Or! click here to see Trump's airport speech in its entirety, with the additional of some helpful annotations courtesy of City Pages.