Donald Trump supporters suck at English

The bazillionaire's Facebook fans have the worst grammar of any Republican presidential candidate's backers.

The bazillionaire's Facebook fans have the worst grammar of any Republican presidential candidate's backers.

Donald Trump doesn’t have time for political correctness. And apparently his supporters don’t have time to master the English language.

Getting to the bottom of campaign season’s most pressing issue, the comma police at set out to uncover which GOP presidential candidates’ supporters have the worst grammar. The grammar-checking website scanned the official Facebook pages of 16 Republican candidates, running pro-whoever comments through its fancy world-rule machine, which looks for typos, the dreaded subject-verb disagreement and other things that would make your lit teacher cringe.

Make of it what you will, but Facebookers digging the billionaire hair candidate who never bites his tongue were the most reckless sentence constructors. For every 100 words, Trump fans made 12.6 grammatical screw-ups — exactly twice as many as Carly Fiorina’s supporters, who put apostrophes in almost all the right places. While pundits say the former Hewlett Packard exec, who had a number of “oh, snap” lines aimed at Trump, killed it in last week’s debate, her fans scored the highest in the grammar test. Brain doc Ben Carson’s faithful came in second with only 6.3 mistakes every 100 words.

Clearly Rick Perry backers weren’t wearing the Texas governor’s contemporary smart guy glasses while singing his praise on Facebook. Fans of the Republican who may or may not think Ronald Reagan’s last name is “Raven” were almost as bad as Trump’s, making 12.5 errors every 100 words.

Admirers of ex-Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Wisconsin’s “aggressively normal” governor Scott Walker were the only others to make more than 10 mistakes for every hundred words they wrote. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, onetime New York guv George Pataki and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz rounded out the top five. See a complete list with how Fox News ranked each candidate's position in the polls below.

While Grammarly didn’t provide any of the randomly selected samples it graded, this comment from a Texas Trump fan exemplifies the more grammatically imperiled remarks.