Donald Trump says Pawlenty isn't a "tough guy" [VIDEO]

Please Tim, fight back on this one.

Please Tim, fight back on this one.

Donald Trump thinks Tim Pawlenty isn't tough enough to be president.

Appearing by phone on "Fox and Friends" yesterday, Trump and his combover told the audience that Pawlenty "blew it" by not attacking Mitt Romney on "Obamneycare" at the Republican debate. Trump, who attacks everyone on everything, said this reveals T-Paw's fatal flaw: A lack of toughness.

"When I saw that, it was like, 'it's over," Trump said. "Now the problem with Pawlenty, he's trying to be a tough guy."

Oh, man. When a guy who inherited wealth, slept through the Wharton School and goes bankrupt every few hours is calling out the toughness of a hockey bum born to union workers in South St. Paul, something's gone wrong with the universe.


Earlier this year, Trump ran for president for about a week, railing about Barack Obama's birth certificate, and basically predicting he'd steal all the oil in the Middle East by beating all the dictators in an arm wrestling tournament.

Then Obama and Seth Myers humiliated him at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Trump dropped out of the race a suddenly as he got into it.

So, T-Paw, you're being bullied -- and by a softie, no less. You know how the code for how this goes in hockey: You have no choice but to drop the gloves, grab hold of Trump's lapel and give him one in that oh-so-punchable jaw.