Donald Driver throws cleat to young fan, middle-aged woman rips it away [VIDEO]

Little Stephen had the cleat ripped away from him, but Driver more than made up for it.
Little Stephen had the cleat ripped away from him, but Driver more than made up for it.

Who knew Donald Driver was so popular?

With hundreds of Appleton fans screaming and giving him the Elvis treatment, Driver tossed some of his gear into the crowd following his annual charity softball game on Sunday.

But one middle-aged Packers fanatic wasn't in a charitable mood. Driver tried to toss his cleat to a 12-year-old boy clad in Greg Jennings garb, but an adult woman literally ripped the shoe right out of the youngster's hands. Video of the incident prompted outrage and a Cheese-land man-hunt to find the boy and supply him with reparations.

Here's the tape of Cleat-gate:

Thankfully, via social media, Driver was able to track young Stephen Wagner down. Wisconsin's WTMJ news reports that yesterday after school, the Packers wide receiver and Dancing With the Stars champion met with Wagner and gave him autographed cleats, a signed baseball bat that says "To my No. 1 fan and true hero," a signed jersey, three copies of Driver's book, and autographed Packers cups. It was a very classy gesture on Driver's part, even though Stephen, being from Wisconsin, will inevitably use the Packers cups to down loads of Milwaukee's Best in a few years.

Said young Stephen's mother about her son's meeting with Driver: "[Stephen] was just so nervous. He was thrilled, just thrilled to see Donald. He's kind of a reserved kid. But he was thrilled. He's probably not going to sleep for a week. It was wonderful. Donald was great."

The woman in the video, Robyn Ereth, actually contacted the Wagner's to apologize, explaining that she thought Driver was tossing the cleat to her. She even offered to mail the usurped shoe to Stephen.

"We told her that we didn't have any bad feelings toward her," Stephen's mother said. "She was wonderful."

All's well that ends well, right?

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