Don Shelby taking his talents to BringMeTheNews

Poised to begin his second post-retirement gig, Shelby is the Brett Favre of Twin Cities journalism.
Poised to begin his second post-retirement gig, Shelby is the Brett Favre of Twin Cities journalism.

It's not exactly LeBron jilting Cleveland for the pleasures of South Beach, but today Don Shelby made a decision of his own.

Starting next month, the longtime WCCO TV news anchor will anchor BringMeTheNews' drive-time newscasts between 6 and 9 a.m.

Shelby, 64, will also develop original content with a new segment called "Shelby Shares" where he'll report community stories from throughout the state.

Over at MinnPost, Shelby's most recent employer, David Brauer offered up the following analysis of Shelby's move to the web/radio news aggregation service:

While he'll initially voice Bring's seven morning newscasts from his home studio, Shelby describes an unconventional plan called "Shelby Shares" to determine those stories he'll eventually do. "At least in the early generation, it will be sort of a competition" between the communities Bring serves on radio, he says. On the Bring site, people can nominate interesting stories they hope will lure Shelby to their town - "stories where coverage didn't exist; 'you need to come to our city and tell us about this landfill, or about this lake clean-up rule,' or whatever you have in mind. The news editors and I will look through the entries to find good stories, ones that might be applicable to a larger audience."

Bring promised original content after its 2009 founding, but it never really panned out. Shelby's hire and the commitment to him obviously ups the ante considerably, though original content isn't necessarily a cash-flow winner, as Bring's aggregation-heavy model has so far shown. Bring's website isn't heavily trafficked, though the radio play complicates that analysis, and I wonder how many Shelbys Kupchella will need to move the audience needle.

We thought we had seen the last of Shelby when he retired from his anchor position with WCCO in late 2010. With today's announcement, he's now on the cusp of beginning his second post-retirement gig... as was the case when Brett Favre signed with the Vikes.

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