Don Shelby takes one for the team

WCCO TV and AM radio host Don Shelby took a cut for the team recently when his radio bosses asked him to take a smaller salary, according to MinnPost. WCCO-AM told him his pay cut will help avoid layoffs down the road. What a guy. Always standing up for what's right in the world

More from MinnPost:

WCCO-AM afternoon host Don Shelby confirms he was asked two weeks ago to accept a voluntary cut that would limit layoffs heading into a dreary 2009. 
"I was given the option that I could take -- or refuse to forgo -- 10 percent of my salary for a year so the station could minimize the impact on staff and minimize potential layoffs. I agreed to it immediately."
In other depressing media news from this week, the Pioneer Press is kindly reminding employees of their great opportunity: they can leave their job for up to six months and still get it back when they return, according to Minnesota Public Radio. Six months with no salary? Wow, what a deal. 


The option is meant to cut costs for the paper. The PiPress did something similar in 2001 and 2002. 

From MPR:
Mike Bucsko is the executive director of the Newspaper Guild, the union which represents newsroom and other employees at the Pioneer Press. "It's better, maybe, that people do consider something like this before some other drastic measures have to be implemented. Because, as I said, this is a less painful way of achieving some efficiencies and some cost-savings," Bucsko said.