Don Shelby loves Neti Pots

As if telling you that Don Shelby started at WCCO when most of us were born doesn't give you a hint, he's officially aged himself beyond our wildest dreams.

He is obsessed with Neti Pots. And thinks it's the funniest joke on radio.

Don Shelby loves Neti Pots

Yes, those really gross ceramic contraptions used for nasal irrigation. Gross. There is even a video of Shelby helping a WCCO reporter use one. Look below the jump.

You can listen to the back story on WCCO Radio.

Now it's one thing to like Neti Pots. But it's another to talk about them nonstop. Neti Pots have taken over Shelby's afternoon radio show on WCCO. While shock radio stations kill their listeners with water chugging contests, Shelby is asking listeners to submit a short statement about why they need a Neti Pot. Winners get, you guessed it, a Neti Pot!

If this isn't Midwestern talk radio, we don't know what is. We can't wait until irrigating your snot is actually cool. Thanks Shelby!

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