Dominick Damond Miller locks son in minivan while he takes in a movie

Dominick Damond Miller likes seeing movies alone -- even if he came with his son.
Dominick Damond Miller likes seeing movies alone -- even if he came with his son.

Moviegoers must have assumed the parents of the small boy in a van outside an Inver Grove Heights movie theater would be back in mere moments. Instead, the kid sat there for two hours. Who says people don't trust each other anymore?

The earliest anyone reported seeing the 4-year-old was around 7 p.m., sitting the driver's seat of a minivan idling in the fire lane.

Though he was already yelling through the window for his dad, it wasn't until 9 p.m. that a theater employee found him.

The boy said that his dad had gone in to watch a movie and told him to wait in the van.

Though no one could find the cinephile father in the theater, a teenager ran up to police to report a man trying to steal his friend's van. The van was suspiciously similar to the one left in the fire lane and the man trying to steal it was suspiciously wasted. He reeked of booze and had peed his pants.

Cops discovered that the alleged van-jacker -- Dominick Damond Miller -- was indeed dear old dad. He insisted the van he was stealing was his, and that his wife had dropped him off to see a movie with his son.

Miller does not have a wife, which is probably the least troubling hole in his story.

A family friend came to wait with the boy while his mother was located. Miller was charged with child neglect.

Police aren't sure which movie so enticed Miller that he practically gift wrapped his son for any passing weirdo. Would 'The Social Network' have inspired him to drastically change his own social scene with up to a year in prison? Perhaps 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' showed him that if the potential $3,000 fine beds down with Dakota County, there are more important things in life. Uh . . . like family?

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