"Dollar Store Owen Wilson" stars in video for $2.9 million Lake Minnetonka home

T Cody Turnquist, aka "Dollar Store Owen Wilson," or DSOW.

T Cody Turnquist, aka "Dollar Store Owen Wilson," or DSOW.

Weeks after "Dollar Store Ryan Gosling" took the internet by storm, Spacecrafting productions and Sotheby's Realty are hoping to do it again with "Dollar Store Owen Wilson," as David Brauer calls him.

An actor with a resemblance to the Zoolander star by the name of T Cody Turnquist is featured in a new ad for a $2.9 million Lake Minnetonka home at 2100 Shadywood Road in Orono.

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The clip isn't quite as outrageous as "Date Night," but it's still pretty amusing. It features DSOW, as we'll call him, driving home in a swanky convertible after wrapping up a day at the office. Once there, he changes into shorts in his bedroom, which is adorned with a huge "DRUGS" sign on the wall (WTF?). DSOW and his attractive ladyfriend then cut up a bunch of limes in preparation for a champagne-fueled party they're hosting for two other couples.

One set of friends arrives by cruising across Lake Minnetonka in their fancy boat. The guys and gals segregate themselves, with the ladies having what looks to be a serious conversation outside. (Thanks to the video's new-agey soundtrack you can't hear what they're discussing.) Meanwhile, inside, the dudes share some laughs and a toast while fingering cigars.

The one percenter holiday ends with the men and women reuniting outside for a nightcap. Finally, after everybody leaves, DSOW and his lady share a romantic embrace as these lyrics accompany the Coldplay-on-quaaludes jam: "This waterfall... may be... unwarranted." (Again, WTF?)

Watch it for yourself:

Adam Fonda, the real estate agent selling the home, also plays a role in the video as one of DSOW's friends. He characterizes the property as "a spectacular house -- Malibu meets Minnesota -- and modern, and there's not a lot of modern houses like that around Lake Minnetonka."

"You can find a few around Minneapolis but it's rare to find them on Lake Minnetonka," he tells us. (Read more about the property here.)

Fonda says it's the first time he's used a video to promote a listing, and that's Nelson's "Date Night" clip was an inspiration.

"I like his video," Fonda says. "He was taking the lifestyle video to another level. Sometimes you have to do bold things and good for him."

"It's kinda interesting to see the comments -- some good, some bad," he continues. "But Seth is a good friend of mine and he understood when he did it that it was a little edgy."

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