D'oh!: Springfield, MN says "no" to the Simpsons

class=img_thumbleft>Sixteen U.S. cities named Springfield are vying for the honor of being the official hometown of The Simpsons in conjunction with the July release the of successful FOX cartoon's first movie. Springfield, Minnesota, however, is not one of them. According to an AP story, City Manager Malcolm Tilberg said the citizens of the Brown County village in the south-central part of the state found little interest in Homer, Bart, Mr. Burns, and their yellow-skinned ilk putting them on the map. "Everything the fictitious Springfield is, we're not. We're a clean, close-knit community. There's no pollution, no waste dumps, nobody misbehaving all the time. And we don't want to be made a parody of," Tilberg said. The recent events have, however, placed Springfield in the running for Most Humorless City in America.