Dog thrown from Wis. bridge, police say


Police are looking for anyone connected to an incident Saturday afternoon where a dog was taken from a Wisconsin home and thrown off a bridge. The dog was so severely injured that it had to be put down.

A Duluth man was fishing near the bridge when he heard a loud thud along the shore followed by a dog's yelping. Several other fisherman were on the scene and took the dog up onto the bridge.

Bella, a Doberman mix, was unable to move its hind legs when people arrived at the scene. Bella was still alive when officers arrived, but the dog was unable to move its hind legs. Bella was later euthanized at the animal hospital due to the serious injuries.

Detective Sgt. Ed Anderson of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department responded to the call at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. He said the dog was still alive when he got to the scene, panting and unable to move its hind legs.

"The poor thing was just looking up at you," said Douglas County Detective Sgt. Ed Anderson in the Duluth News Tribune. The dog appeared friendly and had a pink collar around its neck.

Bella's owners, Rob Middlestadt and Kelly Kishel, weren't home Saturday, but returned to find their front door open and their dog missing. They didn't know until Sunday that Bella was dead. They couldn't think of any people who might have been looking to hurt their dog.