Dog credited with saving man's life


Police in Pine City, Minn. are crediting a dog with saving a man's life.

Pine City resident Brett Grinde was walking his German short hair dog, Effie, Monday morning when the 15-year-old canine began tugging at the leash, insisting on going a different route. After Grinde relinquished his grip, Effie ran off. She led her owner to driveway where an elderly man lay face-down unconscious on the concrete.

Effie trotted up to the knocked-out man began licking his face, Grinde told KARE 11. Grinde, an investigator with the Pine County Sheriffs Department, called for an ambulance and began administering CPR. The man regained consciousness before paramedics arrived. He remains in serious condition at North Memorial Medical Center. Police think he may have slipped on the ice while retrieving the mail and had been out cold, literally and figuratively, for hours.