Does Vikings coach Mike Zimmer deserve the abuse? Readers respond

"Stop picking on my multi-millionaire daddy."

"Stop picking on my multi-millionaire daddy." Getty

Readers respond to Mike Zimmer's daughter blisters the keyboard critics of Vikings coach:

Rich man problems

I mean, am I supposed to feel that bad for him? He's so stressed about coaching a ball game, played by millionaires, that he himself gets paid $4 million a year to coach? 

Pay for a therapist. --Andrew Ainsley

Zimmer made the Vikings rootable again

I agree with her. Everyone sitting behind the relative anonymity of an electronic device can say stuff they would never say to someone's face.

I think Zim is a great guy. Can't win all the time and, after all, it is just sports. At some point, he will be replaced, like all coaches.

I don't think anyone will look back on his tenure with anything but reverence and respect. He has given us some great years and most of all -- and most underappreciated -- he has turned the Vikings from an off-the-field embarrassment plagued by the most ridiculous scandals to a family organization that holds players accountable and fosters a feeling of sportsmanship, hard work, and community.

The Vikings are a team I can get behind for other reasons than their record, and I couldn't say that in the past. --Frederick N. Gotfredson Herrera

The guillotine is ready

Zimmer and Rick Spielman both massively overlooked how bad the offensive line was going to be this year. The death of Tony Sporano definitely did not help.

As far as the Cousins contract, it will cost at least one someone their job. Zimmer said as much before the season. It may be him. --Emily Griffy

The rules of the big stage

I love Zimmer. I mean, let's look back to Brad Childress and Mike Tice. Zim ain't bad.

However, I think those are pretty standard hours for an NFL head coach, and he's getting compensated accordingly. He knew what he was getting into. In today's NFL, coaches' shelf-life is only two or three years in most cases. Any coach starts getting questioned if they have struggles that last more than a game or two. --Joseph Gardner

He's not the most empathetic victim

"Stop picking on my multi-millionaire daddy." --Aaron Sinwell