Does Brock Lesnar have Colitis, Crohn's Disease, or something else?

Brock Lesnar needs surgery for an intestinal illness.

Brock Lesnar needs surgery for an intestinal illness.

Dana White announced that Brock Lesnar has a potentially career-ending illness. White didn't name the illness, except to quiet unfounded speculation by saying it isn't cancer or AIDS and that it is an "intestinal disorder" that requires "major surgery."

This, of course, has fans speculating about what the mystery illness could be. So far, the best guess appears to be Colitis, a chronic digestive disease that inflames the colon.

Wikipedia says surgery is only required if the patient suffers from repeated flare-ups, especially if it is fulminant colitis. The surgery sounds harrowing.

Here is the symptoms of Fulminant Colitis, which could be mistaken for the flu:

Fulminant colitis: Fulminant colitis is a rare but severe form of pancolitis. Patients with fulminant colitis are extremely ill with dehydration, severe abdominal pain, protracted diarrhea with bleeding, and even shock. They are at risk of developing toxic megacolon (marked dilatation of the colon due to severe inflammation) and colon rupture (perforation). Patients with fulminant colitis and toxic megacolon are treated in the hospital with potent intravenous medications. Unless they respond to treatment promptly, surgical removal of the diseased colon is necessary to prevent colon rupture.

There's also been speculation that he may be suffering from Crohn's Disease, a serious condition that can require surgery but is often treated through diet and other non-invasive means. Or it could be Diverticulitis, which has symptoms that sound a lot like the flu or mono, which is what Lesnar was originally believed to be suffering from. UPDATE: Brock is suffering from an infection of the intestinal tract.

Ultimately, the only people who can tell us for sure are Brock Lesnar and his doctors (Dana White seems to be respecting the camp's wishes about not revealing the exact diagnosis). We wish him well on a speedy recovery and hope that he can return to the Octagon to defend his heavyweight title sometime in 2010.