DNR confirms cougar sighting in northern suburbs


A six-feet-long cougar was spotted in the Minneapolis suburbs on Saturday by two Champlin cops coming off the night shift. News reports say the big cat was about 6 feet long, crossing Highway 169 in Champlin.

A dashboard camera in the officers' car captured the cougar as it appeared in their squad car's headlights before wandering down into the woods along the Mississippi River.

A DNR officer who saw the video later confirmed the cougar sighting, KSTP-TV reported.

Cougars are protected species in Minnesota, and it's rare to see one. They typically measure 6- to 9-feet long, from tail tip to head, and weigh in at around 100 to 200 pounds. They typically prey on deer, rabbit, squirrels and porcupines. DNR says there are no recorded cases of cougars attacking humans in Minnesota.